Croatia Day 3 | Krka Waterfalls & Zadar


We didn’t have time to make the long journey to the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, but Krka Waterfalls was the next best option. Only about an hour’s drive away, we weren’t even sad we missed Plitvice, because Krka Waterfalls are absolutely breathtaking. What more, unlike in Plitvice Lakes, you can actually swim in the water and the famous Skradinski Buk falls! Read More »

For the Love of Books | August 2017


Food, Travel, and Books are 3 of my favourite things in life. I already talk about two of them on the blog, so why not talk about the third too! Books are a huge part of my life, I loved to read as a kid, but then reading took a backseat in my teens. They’ve come back strong and my reading list is now constantly growing. Seriously I already have so many new books to get through on my shelf, but just the other day I popped into Waterstones to “browse” but that was never going to end well… Well it did end well, I bought another book… I just wasn’t supposed to do that… because I already have all these books to read first… woops…

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Summer Ballin’

Summer Garden Party 36

The time for cherry blossoms and #wisteriahysteria is over, but alas, another wave of hashtags and trends will flood your Instagram feed. Prepare to be bombarded with neverending bunches of peonies, the ever so candid “laughing over a cocktail in hand, ‘not posing’ nonchalantly on yet another rooftop garden.” Despite the rainy weather we just had this Bank Holiday weekend, summer is here. Bring on the summer balls, garden parties and weddings. Of course that means you need to go out and buy yourself a bangin’ outfit! Time to let loose on the flowing fabrics and florals, smear on that hot pink lipstick and break in those block heels. Read More »

Travel Essentials Wishlist

Fujifilm Instax 90

Ah summer, how close you are yet so far. I’ve technically finished university but I still have exams to do this May, still I can’t help but think of all the amazing locations I want to travel to this summer! This wanderlusting has me lusting for some extra pieces to add to my travel kit!

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Korean Face Masks – TK Maxx Made Me Buy It


Okay I know this looks like a lot, but that’s because, well, it is… But I have a valid excuse… TK Maxx can get pretty crazy, especially the Covent Garden branch, and there was a woman behind me who was eyeing up the same face masks so I had to grab them before she did! They were only between £1.99-£5.99 as well, so you know, it’s TK Maxx’s fault, really I’m just a victim. No, I just have no self control, but seriously get your butt down to TK Maxx and stock up on the amazing S. Korean skincare products they have up for grabs!Read More »

Croatia Day 2 Part 1 | 5 Islanding Hopping | Blue Cave, Stiniva Cove & Green Cave


Our second day in Croatia, we booked a 5 island hopping tour on a speedboat. Our destinations, the Blue Cave, Stiniva Cove, the Green Cave, Palmižana Bay and Hvar! It’s amazing what you deem important by how early you’re willing to actually wake up; I lie in and miss struggle to wake up for my 9am lectures, but I’ll happily jump out of bed at 6am for a speedboat adventure! We packed some watermelon slices as some snacks for the journey popped into the local shop to pick up some lunch. We met our tour guide on The Riva, along with the other group members of this exciting tour, and walked along the bank to our very own speedboat. Read More »